“No decisions tonight”

The headline says “CNN projects Obama clinches nomination”, but during what in many ways has sounded like a concession speech, Clinton has declared: “I will be making no decisions tonight”.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Hi GG, the Obamabots here are desperately seeking the concession final nails. where have you hidden them? you bad, bad man.

  2. From the previous thread, a line that will be copied and copied and copied:

    Pancho Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 9:53 am

    “That’s not change you can believe in, that’s change you can xerox.”

    Hahahaha. Put your dime in the copier Hillary.

    …a classic Pancho, as Hillary proved herself to be nothing more than a bad copy of an astute, engaging and charismatic leader who has real grace and style.

    No prize for the bad copy, is there?

  3. Finns sez…”Amigo, i just love the look on the pundits’ face on CNN and Faknews after hillary’s speech. they look like the stunt mullet.”

    No touring Fish Circus is ever complete without a team of well drilled “stunt mullets”.

  4. yes he (the hopemaster) is such a weak candidate he couldnt even “win” the nomination (despite the FL and MI) rigging on delegates but had to have the supers save him yet again. More portents of doom in November.

  5. Another nine supers for Obama too, at 2160 delegates now. But don’t worry, they will all have an epiphany before the convention and switch their votes.

  6. 43
    Pancho Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Romney wins Montana!

    Pancho, that’s going from the sublime to the ridiculous! LOL

  7. Hillary passed up a golden opportunity tonight to show some class and bow out with dignity! She has now effectively disqualified herself from being a contender for Obama’s running mate!
    OK, a great day, but I’ll keep the champagne on ice until November, the battle has only just begun!
    KR: good on ya mate, you’re a legend!

  8. Jen

    Every little slip-up or bad poll during the real election will be shortly followed by “Billary wouldn’t have done that, she’s more experienced. Billary polled much better in that state blah blah blah. Why did the Democrats throw the election away?”

    It will make victory in November all the sweeter as we will have really suffered for it.

  9. A wave is comin’ in Nov.

    Hope the Republicans can swim. Only the strong swimmers will survive.

    Forget Hillary. She is finished.

    Did anyone hear David Axelrod earlier? He very implicitly mentioned Dick Lugar(R).

    Then Obama spoke about ALL Americans…Reds and Blues.

    Obama/Lugar 08?

  10. I don’t think Hillary is gone from the campaign of either side. Obama will throw her a bone, and she’ll be all over the RNCs ads.

  11. And in the other corner:

    …to the theme from “Raiders of the Lost Ark’’ – which these days conjures up images of an aging action hero called in to a last adventure — Mr. McCain reappeared.


    …how’s that for a nice comic touch?

  12. Thanks dogb and others.
    No offence intended, but you could never intentionally offend the way the stooges have. But you’re welcome to try.

  13. KR and Jen – re: my standard of snideness.

    Oh I don’t know, how hard could it be? Just bang on incessantly about electability and popular vote in spite of any evidence to the contrary – use the term obamabot at every opportunity – and every now and then make an implication about a foul personal habit.


    (Oh, I forgot the occasional sleazy surreptitious hit on Jen)

  14. CNN just now:

    Carl Bernstein hits it on the head.

    Hillary Clinton lost this nomination because of her stance on the War. And even her closest advisors are now admitting this.

  15. Each candidate had a rare opportunity to speak to the whole country on free to air prime time tv tonight.

    We had 3 speeches:

    John McCain spoke about Barack Obama.

    Hillary Clinton spoke about herself.

    Barack Obama spoke about Americans.

  16. #65 Amigo, i know it hasn’t hit you Obamabots yet but i think it has hot the Obama Team. it’s like the Archibald, yes Obama has won the Jury Prize but Hillary has won the people’s choice.

    Obama needs Hillary more than ever to win in November. He is now crawling all over to win her and her supporters over. It’s now on his shoulder to unite the Party, the Nation and to win in November.

  17. [It’s now on his shoulder to unite the Party, the Nation and to win in November.]

    It also depends on Hillary. She needs to concede. She needs to pledge support to Obama. And she needs to stop all the silliness from her supporters threatening to vote for McCain.

  18. dogB-
    you also need to include opportunistic attacks on our personal relationships and suggestions of unusual sporting activities.

    ESJ- I continually try to forget you.

  19. Finns

    Want to make a bet right now?

    That Obama wins the Presidency and wins it without Hillary as his VP?

    Yes or No?

    State right now that Obama will not win the presidency without Hillary as his VP. come on.

  20. Jen – Point taken – oh and Finns has just shown us you need an astonishing level of self delusion. I’m starting to think you and KR were right – this is harder than it looks.

  21. More crawling:

    [Change is building an economy that rewards not just wealth, but the work and workers who created it. It’s understanding that the struggles facing working families can’t be solved by spending billions of dollars on more tax breaks for big corporations and wealthy CEOs, but by giving a the middle-class a tax break, and investing in our crumbling infrastructure, and transforming how we use energy, and improving our schools, and renewing our commitment to science and innovation. It’s understanding that fiscal responsibility and shared prosperity can go hand-in-hand, as they did when Bill Clinton was President.]

    – To Bill and our Dear Leader, but where are the working families?

  22. well, the fisrt thing Clinton should do is asking Obama to absorb and/or
    dissovle her $20 million personal debt incurred during her campaign.

  23. Well i think it is time to consider Vice presidential candidates once more. Im a little sick of Webb and don’t think it will be him so he does not make my list. Mostly because it would be antagonistic to hillary supporters.

    1. Mark Warner (Virginia): Former gov poular in rural aareas say no more
    2. John Edwards (North Carolina): Polls well and North Carolina only southern state that didnt go backwards under Kerry. Good name recognision.
    3. Janet Napolitano ( Arizona): Steal Arizona from under Mcains wrinckley nose
    4. Mike Easley (North Carolina) Popular governor big state. Prob more likely to do better in home state but less so name recognition outside of home state.
    5. Kathleen Sebelius ( Kansas): Very poular govenor of a very red state. Myabe a little to red though.
    6. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): Popular senator of bell whether state.
    7. Brian Schweitzer (Montana): Most peoples ruffy. poular goveror ofa purple stae. Only worth 3 votes.
    8. Evan Bayh (Indianna): popular former Governor red state. Dwon side no geographical balance. Supported Clintons.
    9. Hillary Clinton (New York): To make her stop hurting the party 🙁
    10. Brad Henry (Oklahoma): Governor of a red state. Worked with republican legislature and is young for a national politician at 46. Doubtful he could pull his state.

    Senators Blanche Lincoln Arkansas and Jack Reed Rhode island get honourable mentions as Does Virginia governor Time Kaine.

  24. reckon the Stooges and compadres will be spending a bit of time on the Clinton Commisseration Self-Help site where they can all blog about how “we woz robbed ” until the cows come home.

  25. Fascinating Crikey articles today for those who have a subscription (no idea if the said articles are free, can’t be arsed checking it out.)

    Guy Rundle provided a recap of the nights events, running commentary on the two big speeches. He did a much better job than I did, that’s for sure. Always worth a read.

    Bernard Keane – who, to his credit, has become a much better journalist in the past month or so since he has stopped sucking up to the left as he did for his first few weeks in the job – also wrote a fascinating piece on why the Democrats have, quite simply, stuffed up in nominating Obama. I note with interest that people like Finns have been saying similar things.

    To be honest, I would have probably been in this camp… if not for the fact the only alternative to him was Hillary Clinton. To me, it was quite simply a case of better the devil I don’t know than the one I do. I really am not a fan of her. But I digress…

    The Democratic Party has made its biggest mistake since… well, the last presidential election. Worse than that, really. Barack Obama is a disaster of McGovernesque proportions, and his nomination will give the McCain camp confidence that what should have been an unwinnable election will be within reach.

    Let’s be clear. Obama is the weakest, least substantial candidate from either side for a generation or more. At least Michael Dukakis had run Massachusetts. Obama hasn’t run anything, has been in the Senate for five minutes, and has an undistinguished record in Illinois.

    All he’s got are words – eloquent, uplifting, energising and wholly vacuous words. And nothing else. Particularly, no experience.

    Ouch. And then…

    Obama’s only hope is to get Clinton onto the ticket. A solid core of Clinton supporters have consistently said they won’t vote for Obama. A lot of that will be resentment at Clinton’s (grotesquely unfair) treatment at the hands of the press compared to the golden ride Obama has had, and will vanish once the battle is joined. But Obama already has too many major constituencies who have consistently demonstrated they won’t vote for him – lower income workers, Hispanics – to afford to alienate core Democrats who not merely vote but help organise and get out the vote and, crucially, donate.

    It’s an interesting point, and one I suspect will be expanded upon by many in months to come.

    And Harry – let’s be fair here. Lets not ask for predictions on the race until both parties have chosen their VP. Which might not be until the end of June yet, and technically could not be decided until the end of July.

  26. Hillary today:
    “Nearly 18 million of you cast your votes — for our campaign, carrying the popular vote with more votes than any primary candidate in history.
    And because of you we (Team hillary) won, together, the swing states necessary to get to 270 electoral votes”

    Absolutely , won easily the 270 e/v and the easily popular vote. Stewart J , agree with almost all your post and your conclusion ‘I suspect we may just see more of the same.’ Hillary has not conceded & I do not think she should. However I do echo Hillarys speech ‘I would like all of us to take a moment to recognize him and his supporters for all they have accomplished’

    I expect Obama this week to acknowledge a truthful fact despite the Obambot and the ObamaRealists here that Hillary based on the actual audited votes cast (app 35.5 million) won the popular If you do not honestly acknowledge wwhat your opponent won vote then don’t expect your opponent to show respect Its like Tony Mundine winning by a one points decision and then saying he won every round

  27. Bernard Keane – who, to his credit, has become a much better journalist in the past month or so since he has stopped sucking up to the left as he did for his first few weeks in the job

    Really Max? I find him vacuous at times, nitpicking both sides of Parliament on things that no one really cares about anyway. I really miss Christian Kerr.

  28. Max – that is the same ahistoric argument that Clinton has run for 17 months. It is also one which has been proven false at every turn so far. Nor has it stopped Obama building a revolutionary fundraising machine and grassroots organisation which has been able to outmanuever Clinton on every conceivable front.

  29. Scotty 89

    You could add another dozen to that list. It really is a guessing game.

    I can say with certainty though, you can cross off numbers 8 and 9 in your list.

  30. I think Obama is in a difficult situation of having to accept Clinton as his VP,
    considering their rifts, disagreements during the campaign.
    The disharmony is even worse than that of Howard-Costello, Nelson-Turnbull pairs 🙂

  31. Obama and the Clintons; one big happy democratic family in the white house. Sounds like a sitcom.

    Nonetheless, I will be cracking open a bottle of the good liquid tonight.

    Here’s to November.

  32. If the two jokers in the CQ linked article, Ram-Ram Emmanuel and some publisher guy start making conspicuous visits to either BHO or HRC, then HRC for Veep is being tried on.
    I think Obama would be making a huge mistake offering the VP slot to Hillary for many reasons (eg. “the face doesn’t fit” ie. wisdom is knowing the things you “can’t fix” then leaving them well enough alone, she can’t be trusted to stick to a deal etc.), but mostly because of the way she wallowed in her own hard-done-byness tonight. Vainglory and hubris doth pale beside thy narcissism, sweet lady! She just doen’t get it.
    Havn’t seen the full clip, but understand that HRC didn’t offer Obi congratulations on his historic achievement but reassured us all that SHE hadn’t made a decision yet!

    *fcuk….. me…… dead*


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