Morgan: 61.5-38.5

Morgan has released the first federal opinion poll of the new year, showing the two-party honeymoon gap widening to 61.5-38.5 from 60.5-39.5 from the previous survey in early December. Labor’s primary vote is up 2 per cent to 51.5 per cent, and the Coalition’s down 1 per cent to 33 per cent.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Hello folks
    Just heard on Sky News that Kev says big Kim won’t be GG.
    And speaking of Kevin, talk about the energiser bunny!
    He was in Canberra settling his pets into the Lodge yesterday
    This morning is in QLD visiting Charleville and Emerald to check on the floods
    And is supposed to be in Perth at 1pm (WA time) with his cabinet for a Q&A session with the public

  2. vera, good idea. We had the late great Dame Roma Mitchell as Governor of South Australia and even the dreaded Conservatives admired her! Someone outstanding like that!

  3. MayoFeral, lets say Mr and Mrs Jeffery are very ‘nice’. The bit that got me was their counselling of young Christian couples! I just hope they got all the necessary details correct. I would hope for someone more representative of Australian society today.

  4. 123 blacklight, chas would be an interesting choice, but I think the osama outfit may have to be only used for State dinners!

  5. Kim Beazley as GG. Yes. An absolutely fantastic choice. Who better or more deserving. Even Howard has acknowledged his honesty and decency.

    That’s the very first BLACK CROSS for Rudd (not putting PM before his name for this post now) since becoming leader as far as I’m concerned.

    Why not Beazley, fellow commenters?

    I will tell you.

    JEALOUSY! Rudd dosen’t want anyone who would be more popularthan he is.

    Beazley should not only be GG, but our first official head of state. So says Centre.

  6. Centre –
    I agree. For all my disappointment with Beazley over Tampa, and his in principle agreement to invade Iraq (at least he needed UN approval unlike the war mongerer in power at the time) I admire Beazley as a decent and likeable man. Again, unlike any of the previous reprehensible government members.
    I ewould be very happy to see him as our last GG, and/or our first president.

  7. Hmmm, just thinking who could make a better GG than Beazley. Who would have greater experience for the role, other than reaching the highest governmental position of PM in the land? Who would be more of a statesman?

    Ruddy is chicken Beaz would be more popular!

  8. maybe the beazer justs wants a lot of time with family and out of the spotlight
    (god knows he deserves it)
    then after the republic is sorted he could be our first president 🙂

    maree bashir

    carolyn jones

  9. RE:107
    Brenton Says:
    January 20th, 2008 at 12:31 pm
    scaper , what about Archbishop Pell?????

    Brenton I was thinking the GG should be more along the lines of Shake Taj el din Hilaley (or however u spell it)

    Who agrees?

  10. They are starting to move on a united conservative party in Queensland. I hope they do as i believe it would be very damaging to the Liberal party as progressive country voters look elsewhere.

  11. Deano

    It will interesting to see how it pans out…or fizzles out.

    If the country voters look elsewhere, they might organise and initiate their own political movement…who knows.

    Then the political landscape would be back to square one!

    Could make one dizzy I reckon.

  12. Beazley is much better suited to the Washington embassy than to Yarralumla. His problem as GG would be that he would have to take a virtual vow of silence, which he would find hard sticking to. My guess for GG is some worthy but obscure female judge or law professor.

  13. However worthy Kimbo may be, Rudd surely doesn’t want to be landed with a “jobs for the boys” accusation at this stage and for this office. Putting ex-pols into ambassadorial positions is much easier to justify. I read that Bob Carr, who shares Beazley’s fascination with US history and politics, has also been suggested as a possible ambassador to the USA. Either would be an excellent choice and I think would attract only token and predictable criticism from the Libs.

    In view of the fact that several senior judges have filled the job with distinction (beginning with the first Australian-born GG, Isaac Isaacs, and including Zelman Cowen and William Deane, but excluding John Kerr), how about Justice Michael Kirby? Or Justice Mary Gaudron?

  14. Good post Neil. But I don’t believe Rudd would be accused of handing out jobs for the boys by installing Beazley as GG, as compared in so many other cases, because it would be well and truly deserved and justified. Especially if he were to be given the job of Australia’s first president.

    After following the presidential process (LOL what a debacle) in the states, I do not believe that it would be wise for the people to directly elect a head of state here in Australia. Nor for the PM to for that matter (possible reasons of jealousy in choice for e.g.).Both houses of federal parliament should democratically elect Australia’s head of state.

    I reckon why wait? As soon as Turnbull becomes opposition leader, we should go for it!

  15. KIm Beazley has served this country (and the Labor party) well.
    Whilst I have not always agreed with him, he is intelligent, honorable, and, as are we all, at times flawed.
    I would feel honoured to have a person with his record representing this country on the international stage.

  16. Yes jen, I agree. I really don’t think Beaz was flawed, he just didn’t have that killer in him. But you don’t need that type of killer to be GG. I don’t know about Keating? We could be charting dangerous waters. The conservatives will probably want the Dessicated Coconut. Maybe ex PMs should be ineligible.

    I have no doubt that in an incumbent position such as GG, Beazley would break the popularity records. Adam you can feel free in telling your ALP mates that at least one poll bludger reckons it’s obvious Rudd is chicken not going with Beaz!

  17. Well it looks like steady as she sinks for Admiral Nelson on that poll result.

    As for the GG position, please not another ex religeous or military leader, and not a sporting “icon” either. Surely there is a deserving ex judge or academic (preferably not a VC, as they are all CEO types these days) with the requisite intellect and dignity. I suspect Keating would not settle for anythigng less than President. I agree Beasley could do it well. But I’d prefer someone who isn’t a politician. Alan Jones is still looking for a job ROTFL.

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