Labor Stirling ad

To keep things ticking over until Newspoll, I hereby present an ad for Labor’s Stirling candidate Peter Tinley which just went to air during the Channel Nine news in Perth.

UPDATE: In the interests of political balance, please also enjoy this romantic sunset stroll along Scarborough Beach with Liberal member Michael Keenan.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. That’s a pretty good ad. Tinley presents well. Army folks – why have we been hearing so much of Mike Kelly as opposed to Tinley? How do the respective ranks compare?

  2. I love that evil voice-over! It makes me laugh every time I hear it. I want to know if it has been digitally altered and if so who is behind it.

  3. William,

    My more recent comment on the Galaxy thread on the new site was posted 4 times. What gives, any idea? I only sent it once …….

  4. Well to be fair at least Tinley doesnt call our troops flag wavers like Mike Kelly.

    But with the Coalition performing the best out in the West, Michael Keenan will easily hold Stirling. However Hasluck is ify as is Swan and Cowan.

  5. Hey Glen, seems like a nice enough fella. That’s more a background story than an ad though, and not very snappy. If judgements were to be made on the basis of the two ads, Tinley would romp it home.

  6. I noticed Bob Baldwin – the member for Paterson is starting to plague the Hunter airwaves with various ads (I’ve seen 3 different kinds already I think). Baldwin is reputed to have been the biggest Liberal fundraiser in the past with a massive personal campaign chequebook. I think at one stage he held the record for the biggest postal allowance spend.

    Anyway my point is one of the ads has a voice over from the same guy who does all the Liberal negative ads, which seems a bit of a mistake – guilty by association.

  7. Pancho, you are biased but even so that is because one is a party political and one is talking up Stirling and how down to earth Keenan is.

  8. Speaking of TV appearances, anyone watching the 7.30 Report tonight should catch Howard’s body language on the question ‘who will be Treasurer when Pete ascends the throne’.

    He hums and ha’s of course, but his old tick is back on cue, just he says “I’ll be Prime Minister” the shoulders both tick up!

    It’s perfect! After all these years, it’s still there!

  9. That Keenan ad is minbendingly bad. In a sane world you wouldn’t even get preselection off a piece of mindless pap like that. Still, at least he kept his shirt on, while on the beach, so we can be thankful of that, I suppose.

  10. Possum it’s not an ad, its just an introductory youtube video of Keenan and Stirling.

    If there is a Ruddslide, Keenan has a better chance of holding Stirling than Hasluck he doesnt have the brick works issue dogging him. Also i think the demographics are helping in Stirling too.

  11. Hmm, no Authorisation on that Keenan Ad either – methinks it’s web only rather than an FTA one.

    Oh and doesn’t he look like a younger version of Mal Brough ?

  12. An interesting question. Why don’t YouTube posts have to be authorised? I’m sure they would be found to be “publications” or “broadcasts” within the meaning of the Act.

  13. That Keenan video is more like a promo video for Home and Away.

    After the election, he’ll be spending more time at Home.

  14. Michael Keenan, are you serious?

    This is the “working fanilies have never been better off” themed advertising that endears itself to working families in Stirling suburbs like Mirrabooka. Most of us dont look as happy as you when the butcher asks for the money. Actually most of us can’t really afford to go to a proper butcher at all, it’s woollies prepacked mince and chops for us.

    Hey Micheal, any danger of acknowledging Stirling votes might be facing a few issues? (and i dont mean state or local government issues like hoons and graffitti).

  15. [An interesting question. Why don’t YouTube posts have to be authorised? I’m sure they would be found to be “publications” or “broadcasts” within the meaning of the Act.]


    This issue was addressed over on LP – basically the AEC have ruled that online content uploaded by Amateurs.doesn’t have to have authorisation.

    But since it’s an official Liberal Party endorsed vid, then Mr Keenan may be in breach of said act 🙂

    [No it’s not, Jacques. The AEC have confirmed that no authorisation is required for videos uploaded by amateurs. YouTube wasn’t envisaged in the Electoral Act.]

  16. SKy News program from 9:30pm to 10:00pm has a breaking news byline, while newspoll results are not out YET, they WILL be by 10pm.

    Turn on the telly folks …… (if the news was good for coalition, you would think that they would have led the program with the numbers)

  17. You’re not getting nervous are you Glen? You’ve managed to hold the line pretty well so far in the face of some pretty dire numbers…

  18. Adam, only paid ads on the internet require authorisation. The Electoral Act has a light touch on internet regulation (Or, by extension, broadcast ads parked on the internet).

    That said, the majors effectively need to authorise anything they hope TV will pick up, since the broadcasting legislation requires TV channels to ensure political matter is authorised.

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